9 sept. 2013

A very different direction

Yes, sad but true. My kids like a boy band called One Direction. They make bland pop songs, catchy pap I cannot stand for more than 3 seconds. When I was their age I probably liked what would now be totally unnameable stuff, too. I’d be so embarrassed if they found out…

Now and then I play songs on Youtube for them. I guess I’m just trying to ‘educate’ them, somehow. Music I appreciated decades ago. So I played this Pixies theme a few weeks ago, and I was nicely surprised when a couple of days later one of them said the song had got into him, into his mind and wouldn’t let go. Wow!

Pixies were one of the very few bands that play songs that sound almost exactly the same live as in the studio. Great stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it...

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