1 ene. 2016

A few holiday images to end 2015

To begin with, the family favourite I cooked on Christmas Eve...

Ladies and gentlemen....  probably the best fideuà to be found in Ngunnawal land.
The end of the year found us at a little Victorian town called Beechworth, where the legendary bushranger Ned Kelly grew up. Traces of his indelible presence can be seen everywhere, and it is somewhat exciting to enter the bars where he drank and walk the streets where he bragged.

The local bakery's best-seller is an egg-and-bacon meat pie named after Ned Kelly. The locals love it, and the out-of-towners cannot get enough of them! A tasty and courageous bite! 
Any visit to Beechworth must necessarily include an evening at the Bridge Road Brewery. Get a taste of 10 delicious local brews for just $15.

La cervecería local produce 10 cervezas diferentes. "The paddle" te permite probarlas todas antes de decidir cuál es tu favorita.
The names of the ten beers (and my grades on a scale from 1 to 5):
  1. Hefe Weizen. 4
  2. Golden Ale. 3
  3. Beechworth Pale Ale. 4.5
  4. Magical Christmas Unicorn (vanilla-flavoured!). 2.5
  5. Hickory Chicory Bock. 4
  6. Little Bling. 3
  7. Celtic Red Ale. 4
  8. Rule 47. 4
  9. Bling Bling. 5
  10. Robust Porter. 4
Argo local para picar...

y unas pizzas para rematar la faena.

With many walking trails and swimming spots around Beechworth and in other nearby towns, as well as amusing tours to keep you entertained and exquisitely satisfying food and grog to get you going, Beechworth is a very recommendable short-term holiday destination.

El centro de Beechworth. Fotografía de fir0002. 

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