25 oct. 2014

Are musical preferences genetically influenced?

I honestly have no idea whether it is true or what it might mean, but here it is: there must be some genetic predisposition towards a certain type of melody. One of the little joys of driving on Turkish roads was the chance to listen on the radio to music you would never hear at home. Two catchy themes kind of grabbed our attention and remain in our minds even today, more than three weeks later.

My son O. and I like Işın Karaca’s (pronounced Ishin Karaja) ‘Az bi mesafe’. T. and O's twin brother J. say they like ‘Harika’ by Ozan Doğulu (featuring Ajda Pekkan & Kenan Doğulu) much better. Of course, we know not what the lyrics of either actually mean. ‘Harika’ means ‘wonderful’, while Işın Karaca’s song appears to mean something like ‘Less far’, ie, ‘A little closer’ (?). The choreography/design in both clips reminds me of many other European and American bands and/or soloists, and Işın’s in particular rings a bell, but I cannot recall which one it might be. Any help would be much appreciated!

 Az bi mesafe

Which one do you like best (if any)?

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  1. La primera tiene un aire mucho más oriental, pero las dos están muy bien. El segundo vídeo podría ser de cualquier artista americano, europeo o incluso japonés. El diseño y los movimientos en el primero me han recordado un poco al vídeo de Des'ree "You gotta be".
    Un saludo.


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